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“Photography is my starting point, it’s my research in texture, composition, color and balance. I let go of the images and thereafter I disconnect all of what I absorbed. The true value of a moment translates in an intuitive memory.

I listen to what I have seen. It slowly pulls me through the process of chemistry that leads the painting. Layer by layer the painting is being created. I translate what I have seen with my heart all the time. I create a mindscape. They refer to my travels through landscapes over soil, through water and air. There is no sketch, there is no result in mind. The painting ripens after every chemical process, sometimes in weeks, sometimes for months. Layers are added, polished away, dissolved, added, burnt, oxidized, cut and built. Through every layer you notice the layer before, a cut, a peak, the painting grows layer by layer and refers to the life of a human being.”

The strength in these paintings is the balancing act of the artist, the mindscape and the canvas. Trying to free herself from the observations and creating new shapes without physicality, immateriality, just the soul. A mindscape, contemplations, and the life of a human being. A human is always in Eternal Spring, is always in development.

Check the webstore to let them sparkle in your own habitat.

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